Case Studies



Red Rose is a premium brand tea with a history in Canada which dates back to before 1900. The client engaged Marketlink to revitalize the brand online by creating a website with a contemporary look and feel. In addition to modernizing the brand’s image, we needed to illustrate Red Rose’s commitment to sustainability by showcasing their Rainforest Alliance Certified tea gardens.


Marketlink responded to the challenge of designing an online experience that moved beyond your typical “information-based” website by combining a strong design concept with rich interactive features. Marketlink drew inspiration from the brand’s tagline “Red Rose is Home” as every section of the website is represented by a different room within the home. The brand’s rich history was brought to life with a fun and engaging timeline which chronicles milestones in Red Rose history against major Canadian events. The Red Rose Tea Gardens and the brand’s commitment to sustainable farming and harvesting practices are showcased in the interactive tea garden tour.


The redesign of the Red Rose website garnered positive reviews and was successful in revitalizing the brand’s online presence with a contemporary design that resonates with the target audience of women aged 35 to 55.


Women 35-55 years of age.