An integrated approach to problem solving

Solving a complex problem can be easier when you look at it from different angles. As an integrated technology company, Marketlink approaches your business needs from a variety of perspectives, ultimately giving you a better understanding of the problem; and a superior solution.

With capacities in business consulting, creative services, social media and application development, and hosting and systems administration. Marketlink is ready to help you tackle your greatest challenges yet.

Business Consulting

Solving a business challenge often seems straightforward, but in many cases you may not even be asking the right questions. Backed by traditional corporate strategy experience, internet savvy, and a thorough knowledge of emerging technologies, Marketlink can be your guide to success.

From raw strategy creation to the internet-enabling of existing strategy, we find the most complete and viable solution possible, making it a cost-effective tool in your repertoire.

Creative Services

Everywhere, every day, your audience is bombarded with information competing for its attention. How does your message stand out in a world of “me-toos”, “cookie cutters” and “same-old, same-olds”? Our answer: creativity.

Marketlink’s multi-disciplinary team fuses innovative thinking, graphic design, copy writing, illustration, and video and music production to create work that will inspire and influence.

At Marketlink, creativity isn’t a product. It’s a way of life, an approach used by people with curious minds and a passion for creating unique, powerful experiences. Do your users deserve anything less?

Social Media

Marketlink understands the role that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube play in an overall digital strategy and has assembled a team dedicated to social media. This includes strategists, researchers, developers and strong account team that is focused on tracking and measuring our success.

Marketlink has extensive experience interfacing with existing social networks and, when combined with expertise in technologies such as as Flash, Flex and .Net, Marketlink is able to create unique and engaging online campaigns that live beyond the boundaries of a brand or organization’s website.

Application Development

Today’s organizations deal with an dizzying amount of information that must be captured, organized, integrated, and presented as efficiently and effectively as possible.

This new dimension of business can demand a refinement in strategy; automating processes, devising multimedia communication strategies, and developing online resources for employees and partners.

Marketlink focuses on developing practical, strategy-based solutions that create measurable results.

Each and every Marketlink solution is based on the foundations of people, process, and technology to ensure that it is attuned to the needs of the client.

Hosting & Managed Services

Whether it be in your online presence or the systems that drive your business, technology plays a key role in their success. Marketlink can help you achieve that success.

Our Technical Services team has over 20 years combined experience in the enterprise IT world, with expertise in the latest Security, VPN, Hosting, and Virtualization technologies.

We offer full end to end management of your IT environment. We provide and service the network and hardware, backups and recovery, ensure appropriate security levels, and fully manage your operating systems. Marketlink also provides Shared and Dedicated webhosting in our State-of-the-art Datacenter featuring that latest in Cisco networking security.